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Other websites, podcasts and fan works you might want to check out.

So! You’ve fallen headfirst into an obsession with gameshows and want to know more, but you have no idea where to start. Don’t worry, I’ve been there. Here are my fonts of gameshow wisdom for beginners so you don’t have to spend half a decade trawling through the internet.

It’s always worth checking Wikipedia, fandom wiki and the BBC press office/media centre as Wikipedia will likely have an article about it, fandom will have a whole wiki and the media centre may even have interviews with the creators and presenters.

And remember, the Internet Archive and the Wayback Machine are your friend, especially if you want to look at webpages of gameshows that have since been deleted.

Both of these forums are where the communities for these shows hang out.
(If you’re curious, I’m DragonsBeHere on the former and HereBeDragons on the latter).

While for fan fiction I’d normally point you towards AO3, in the case of older and more niche topics like gameshows, is your friend. Also, most of the fics are very OC driven so if you don’t like that, you’re probably not going to find much gameshow fanfiction you like at all. Here are some of my favourite gameshow fan fics.

There you are! I'll add to this as I find more stuff - and, hopefully, as more stuff is created. I hope you enjoy this journey of discovery, and remember: No matter how weird you think you are, you aren't alone.