Adventure Gameshow Geek

Welcome Watchers of Illusion, to this website of confusion. Phase across time with us once more, for this is the Age of Adventure...

Greetings Adventurers! Welcome to the lair of the adventure gameshow geek. You can call me Twilso, and this is where I obsess over the niche form of children’s media known as the adventure gameshow.


Gameshow Hoard

A list of the Gameshows in my hoard, some brillaint, some good and a couple to steer clear of.

Check out my Youtube Channel!

I have a YouTube Channel, also called Adventure Gameshow Geek, where I post reviews of gameshows, as well as deep dives into themes and connections between shows.

Geek Stuff!

Other miscellaneous stuff, such as my patch jacket, a list of other resources for gameshow fans and more.

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